Metrology Services

Ed Hoffius, our quality engineer has his own outside metrology business (Advanced Metrology Services) that offers onsite part and fixture inspection and reverse engineering using the Romer Infinite Arm.  Please use the contact form below to inquire about Metrology Services.

Advanced Metrology Services eliminates your need for investing in expensive CMM equipment and a full-time CMM staff member. Our low cost portable CMM inspection services help solve measurement, build, certification, and design problems for companies with limited or undeveloped measuring programs.  Let us be your on-call quality partner.

The white unit in the picture is our Romer Absolute Arm with a measurement envelope of 2.5 meters/8.2 feet and an accuracy of +-.0008 inches. 

The red unit is the Romer Infinite Arm with a measurement envelope of 3.6 meters/11.82 feet and an accuracy of +-.002 inches.

With the latest in portable measuring technology, Advanced Metrology Services offers PCMM (Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine) inspection and reverse engineering services for one-time jobs, intermittent projects, or regular measurement support to suit your needs.

Our Romer Infinate 2.0 six-axis PCMM, is the latest in high accuracy, large volume (12 ft measuring diameter), PCMM from Hexagon/Romer®.

With such a large spherical measuring envelope, our Infinite 2.0 PCMM gives us the flexibility to measure large parts with use of our Brunson free-standing tripod stand or with a direct mount fixture.

This allows us to bring the checking equipment to the tool, not the tool to the checking equipment.  Working side by side with our customer’s support staff gives the opportunity not only to adjust and certify fixturing and parts, but to also troubleshoot design and/or assembly issues real-time.

PowerINSPECT, the software the PCMM runs on, gives us the ability to read in your CAD design or part CAD data directly into the inspection software.

PowerInspect will then allow us to do real time CAD to part inspection with real time results.  Allowing for quick,  precise, and easy to read reports showing the deviation from the nominal design/part CAD data.