Mechanical Design and Reverse Engineering

At German Auto Solutions we design and manufacture all of our products in house at our Wyoming, MI USA location. 

When we design our products at German Auto Solutions we use the industry standards in computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing software. For CAD modeling software we use both Solidworks and Pro Engineer.

On the left is a solid model of our BMW M54 CCV System, and on the right you you can see some preliminary models of the  Porsche 996 rear suspension. The Porsche models were derived from data we measured off a stock 996 suspension. Further down on this page you will see how we captured that data.

For Computer Aided Manufacturing software we use OneCNC Mill Expert and OneCNC Lathe Professional. We import the 3D CAD models from our CAD software into our OneCNC CAM software to create the program code that runs the CNC machines.

On the left is a OneCNC 3D video simulation of the program code that has been generated. We use this to verify the program we made is correct before sending it to a machine to start cutting parts. One the right is the same part actually being machined using the code that was simulated in the video on the left.

German Auto Solutions has two Romer Arm portable CMMs which we use for reverse engineering and product quality control.

The white unit in the picture is our Absolute Arm with a measurement range of 2.5 meters and an accuracy of +-.0008 inches. The red unit is our Infinite Arm with a measurement range of 3.6 meters and an accuracy of +-.002 inches.

Both of these arms can be mounted to portable stands allowing us to get measurement data almost anywhere; even from inside a vehicle’s engine compartment.

On the left we are using our Romer Absolute Arm to gather  dimensional and locational data off of a Porsche 996 rear suspension member. This is some of the data that was used to create the CAD models you saw earlier.

On the right you can see the computer representation of that data on the PC-DMIS Metrology Software screen. The PC-DMIS data can then be exported in our Solidworks or ProE CAD software.

The image on the left shows Gary gathering data from a BMW N52 valve cover for our N52 CCV upgrade. The CCV has been a problem area on nearly every BMW engine platform that employs it.

The image on the right shows shows FDM 3D printed parts being checked for fitment on the same BMW N52 valve cover. The data gathered on the left was used to design the 3D printed parts shown on the right.

Here Stephanie is checking dimensions on a BMW M62tu engine. She is verifying that our M62tu VANOS cam timing tools accurately duplicate the timing set by the OEM BMW factory tools.

Our total redesign of the BMW M62tu cam timing tools has been a hugh success. No other tool kit on the market is easier to use or more accurate. We have been selling our cam timing tool kits to DIYers and independent BMW service shops world wide and receiving 100% positive feedback.

German Auto Solutions has two FMD rapid prototype 3D printers. A Makerbot Replicator 2X with a build envelope of 43mm x 163mm x 155mm and a highly modified Creality-CR10 with a build envelope of 500mm x 500mm x 500mm.

These 3D printers have been extremely useful for printing quick prototypes to check part fitment.

German Auto Solutions also offers mechanical design services to outside customers. If you are interested in learning more about the design services we offer please use this link to our Design Services Inquiry Form.