G.A.S. Master Cam Timing Tool Kit for BMW & Land Rover M62 & M62tu Engines

The Goal:

When we design any of our tool sets, we start out by purchasing the OEM BMW factory tools, we analyze them, and then we set out to produce a tool set that does not compromise OEM quality or accuracy, is less expensive to manufacture and easier to use. We almost never copy the factory tools (or anyone’s tools), we take a fresh look at the function required and usually come up with a better, easier and more accurate way of doing things. Our M62-tu kit is a perfect example of this innovative re-engineering technique. 

Almost every tool in our kit accomplishes its function in a different and more accurate way than the OEM tool. If you have ever used the factory BMW M62-tu VANOS tools you will really appreciate our redesign. Better quality, greater accuracy, easier to use, and way less expensive to own, what more could you possibly ask for? For those you can’t justify the purchase of a complete tool set because they only plan to use it once, you will be pleased to know that all of our Master Tool Kits are available on a rental basis.

The Cam Locking Blocks:

The first thing we redesigned were the cam locking blocks. The factory blocks (and all cheap import knock-offs) consist of four separate blocks. Each block is specific to a cam and to a cylinder bank. The factory BMW blocks also require an expensive hold down tool that threads into adjacent spark plug holes. Not only is the hold tool expensive, it is also cumbersome and difficult to use. Our re-engineered cam lock blocks consist of four separate blocks. Two for the intake cams and two for the exhaust cams. They are clearly marked with laser etching, are very easy to install and each block locks down using a simple wing nut screwed onto the existing cam cap studs. Once mounted down they can’t tilt, move or fall off like the blocks from all of the import cam tool kits.

We precision CNC machine our cam lock blocks from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy, then anodize them for both appearance and durability. After anodizing we laser etch them with our logo and large text that clearly indicates which cam they mate to. These are by far the easiest to use and most accurate cam lock blocks on the market. 

The VANOS Timing Fixtures:

Next we re-designed the BMW VANOS setting fixtures. The factory BMW fixtures (and all of the import knock-offs) are a conglomeration of arms and pins that bolt to non-precision valve cover mounting holes. There is so much play in that design that it’s difficult to get accurate VANOS timing when using it. I’m not being sarcastic when I say that someone at BMW should have been fired over that design. Our redesign of that fixture is the single biggest reason that we have had a hard time keeping these M62 cam tool kits in stock. Ask on any BMW forum or search YouTube and you find overwhelming recommendations to only consider using our cam timing kit.

Our redesigned VANOS setting fixtures mount securely and accurately to the high precision solenoid mounting holes. There is never a question about whether our fixtures are installed correctly or whether your VANOS timing will be correct when you are finished. 

Just like our cam lock blocks our VANOS fixtures are precision CNC machined, anodized, and laser etched with very clear, bold markings to identify which cylinder bank they are to be used on. If you have ever used the factory BMW fixtures you will understand what a vast improvement this design is.

The Cam Chain Tensioner Tool:

Our redesigned cam chain tensioner tool is a simpler version of the factory tool. It is strong, easy to use and doesn’t require a special torquing tool to set the cam chain tension. Of course it’s CNC machined and color anodized.

The factory BMW VANOS adjuster tool is round spanner socket which requires you to use another wrench, or a socket and ratchet, to use it.  That doesn’t make sense. That’s why our VANOS adjuster tool is a one piece spanner wrench specifically designed to fit the BMW M62tu VANOS unit. So beautify made and easy to use.

The TDC Locking Pin:

Our TDC locking Pin is CNC machined from 303 stainless steel so it will never rust or corrode. It is also sized and shaped to work on all BMW models and the Land Rover as well. We even install a 90 degree pin to make the tool much easier to install and remove. 

The Secondary Tensioner Clips:

Our secondary tensioner retaining clips are made of 303 stainless. They are simple and do the job. Enough said.

G.A.S. M62-M62tu Master Cam Tool Kit

We are sorry but due to the typical “one time use” requirement of specialty tool kits for most people, we do not accept returns of these tool kits for refunds. Specialty tools kit can be returned for exchange only due to manufacturing defects.